We provide a gift delivery service to all cities in Ukraine. Choose a gift from our selection and we will arrange delivery of your gifts along with a card with your personalized message written in it.

You will receive a photo of your gift being delivered to your lady in Ukraine.

Please note that gifts can take up to 5 days to be delivered. If you want a gift to be delivered on a certain day, make sure that you place your order early and specify this on the shopping cart page.

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Beauty Treatment Voucher

Valentine's Day special offer.

A gift voucher for a beauty treatment at the lady's local clinic. She can have a facial massage, special pampering, whatever she chooses. You can add a personalised card with this gift.

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Books for your lady

Three books will be purchased from the book shop on the lady's choice.

You will receive a photo of the lady receiving your gift.

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Concert ticket

Two tickets to a concert on the lady's choice

(The present may differ from this picture)

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Delivery Special Lunch or Dinner

Romantic dinner or lunch on the lady's choice.

(The order may differ from this picture)

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Gym Membership

A gift voucher for a 1-month gym membership. The lady will choose the gym by herself.

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Photo Session of your Lady

A photoshoot of your lady by a professional photographer.

You will receive 10 professional photos of the lady after the photoshoot.

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Special request

Special request gift.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to give your lady a special gift (f.e. such as jewelry) and describe us that gift.

We will contact you to agree on the gift and the price for your request additionally.

The price below is an average.

Please mind that due to your request the cost may vary.

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Ticket to the movie, theatre or festival

Two tickets to the cinema or concert on the lady's choice.

(The present may differ from this picture)

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