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May 27
30 to 44
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
Open-minded, joyful and kind-hearted lady with dreams and hopes and strong desire to make these dreams come true. A person lives if he is dreaming. But a person lives full life if he is getting what he is dreaming about! I have so many goals and plans about life – travelling, self-developing, trying new things and opening new sides of my nature. But the biggest one is to find my special someone who will be ready to share my world with all its crazy positive ideas. The one who will enjoy life and don’t pay attention to opinion of others. The one who will be ready to exciting adventures. The one who will be ready share all setbacks and joys of life and create happy strong family which others will take as an example of relations!
It is said that there are not perfect people but I believe that your sweetheart will always be the best for you with all his good and bad sides because you love him! And at the same time I believe that we should become better for each other. We should also listen to each other and respect each other’s interests. I would never be against hobbies of my man. Each person should have something that brings pleasure to his soul! But also it will be great to share common interests and of course to have the same outlook on life which is a basis of strong relations.
To meet a good man and to have a great family with him.
I like trying new things and open new talents in myself. Even if you won’t be good in new sphere – why just not trying it and get another good experience in life? Despite my current profession in banking sphere I am very creative person. Since childhood I enjoyed painting and attended painting classes. I like to do different hand-made things. I like to decorate and to design and implement interesting ideas in interior. Right now I got involved into dancing and I am absolutely happy with my new hobby! I enjoy travelling to other countries and get new impressions. I like to take from life as much as possible and I want my man to share all this with me!
National cuisine and Italian food