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Personal details

August 15
33 to 82
  • 19 yr old female
168cm / 5ft 6in
55kg / 121lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
Hi! My name is Oksana! :wink: I wish to open for you the first chapter of our common book. Book of passion? Book of love? Book of big friendship? Or book about everything? Time will show us, agree? I am a very loyal and purposeful wise, as well as a considerate personality. At home, with my dear people I a cheerful, easy-going, funny, always in good mood, if the mood is bad, give me a sweet pie, hehe))) My life is full of positive emotions, success in my career, and social life. Of course, I dream about life partner to spend our days together, that's why I am here, no more reason. So, do you have a sweet pie for me? Because if I won't see your letter soon for sure I will need this pie :) 8) Update: till the 6 of October I will be abroad.
My ideal partner is someone with a strong character. That is, he sets goals and gradually achieves them. He's also emotionally mature. That is, no tantrums, for example, because of a broken car - he takes it and solves the problem;) I drive well, I just gave an example. Likes to discuss books and movies. He knows how to have fun and alcohol is not necessary for him for this. I am happy to go on a spontaneous journey: on foot, by bike, by car - it doesn't matter. Honest: openly, calmly and without pretensions will say if he does not like something. He has real inner kindness.
I dream of meeting a man who would be my friend, travel partner, romantic partner. Because it's sad to enjoy life alone, you need to share your joy and happiness with someone. And further: -Get on Broadway and watch a real musical. -Rent an apartment and live a month in Rome. -Travel South America -Travel the United States by Jeep to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley -Visit the Pink concert -Have a home on the coast with an orange garden and spend there from time to time -Spend a few days in a mountain chalet with a fireplace and a beautiful view from the window -Travel leisurely through English cities. Spend the night in old houses, have lunch and dinner in old pubs and go for a walk wherever you want. -Go to Portugal for a Porto tasting. -Learn to dance tango -Go skiing in Italy and Austria -Coping with procrastination -Take an Extreme Driving Course ... and much more! Lets make common to do list? and make wishes come true?
The most favorite "sport" is snorkeling in the Red Sea! - this is in the first place. I have my own bike and in good weather I like to make small trips on a day off. Cross-country or downhill skis to the best of my ability, but I also have them in my life. I do yoga regularly to keep my body and mood in shape. I like dancing very much !!! From "something else" I love kayaking on a quiet river for a few days. And I don't like running at all, but I like walking.
I love delicious food, I love a beautiful presentation, even if everything is simple and there is no holiday. I love everything related to seafood, fish in any form. I like Mediterranean cuisine very much. I like to try local cuisine in places where I travel. It is always a new experience and taste.
I love listening to music. It is impossible to single out any one genre - I love classical music and modern adaptations of classics, operetta, musicals and, of course, songs.