Julia TenderLady

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Personal details

March 4
36 to 56
173cm / 5ft 8in
63kg / 139lb
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
IT / Communications
Masters degree
I am moderately active, I like to try everything new, from food and drinks to countries for life and work. Sometimes I think too much and because of this I miss the opportunity to do something. I am very attached to people who are close to me in spirit, I like to make new acquaintances. There are days when you don't want to communicate with anyone, but you want to sit somewhere in nature and look at the trees or the sea, if it is at hand. I like my job, but I am also interested in business and working for myself, and ideally in the future I would like to realize myself in this.
I truly believe in soulmates and second halves. I believe in destiny and that we all can be happy if we really wish this with the whole heart. I’, looking for my true soulmate. I want my man to be active, with his dreams and aspirations, loving his job and developing in it, and therefore successful. Someone who will support me in my endeavors, a loving, close-minded person who loves to travel. Who knows how to keep up a conversation, loves sports, nature, animals and wants to have children.
I want to walk around at sunset, by the ocean with my family (child, husband, dog)
rock climbing, snowboarding, yoga, books, films, learning Spanish, nutrition and travel. I like to watch videos about travel and business
I love seafood, especially shrimp, also all types of fish, grilled vegetables, meat, various green salads. From world cuisine I especially love Thai, Indian, Portuguese cuisine
Genres: Rock, Chill-out Latin Jazz, House, Pop, Reggae, Rock; Artists: Radiohead, Muse, Moby, Bob Marley, Beatles, Cafe del Mar, Doors, Flevans, Rolling Stones