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Personal details

May 4
34 to 52
  • 15 yr old female
169cm / 5ft 7in
55kg / 121lb
Willing to relocate to another country
Masters degree
I love the smell of peonies, lilies of the valley, citrus fruits, mangoes, the smell of mown grass, printing, the smell of coffee, fresh baked buns. I dream about delicious breakfast together with my man. I love the off-season: autumn and spring. Because of the colors, smells, pleasant air temperatures. But I love both winter and hot summer. What about you? I have a good sense of humor. I love everything beautiful: places, people ... I know what I love, what I want from life. I enjoy every day. I like people. I see more in people than others do. I am very responsible and reliable. Hate lie. It's very comfortable with me. I am calm, but I also love to have fun. So just imagine how our first date will be now that you know little bit about me, are you ready?
I see myself next to self-confident, independent, but same time calm man. For me it is important that he knows what he wants from life and relationship, this will help us to achieve goals together! If you are reliable, honest, intelligent, and kind, this means you are just the one I am looking for. The most important for me is that my man is my partner in everything, support my ideas, as I to support him every single day! Are you ready to joint me on a yacht trip around the islands in Greece, Croatia or Italy? With morning in beautiful places, excursions, local restaurants and cafes, with beautiful views and beaches, good music, dancing. And all this together – just you and me!
Sailing around the world
Career coaching
I love simple, quality food. I love meat, fish and seafood, salads. I love coffee, dark chocolate and dates. I love fruits.