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Personal details

June 6
24 to 49
163cm / 5ft 4in
48kg / 106lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Artistic / Creative / Performance
Bachelors degree
Russian, Ukrainian, Italian
For me life is an adventure, I love trips and active days. I am free and independent. My schedule is very flexible such as my legs and my character despite the strong temperament! I prefer to make a day brighter. Even with breakfast in bed for my man a day would turn out to be fun already. I am very positive and difficulties don't scare me. I love to cook and love to dance! Care and attention are matters to me and I am ready to take care of my man and future family with all love in my heart!!!
I am looking for a pleasant, smart, not aggressive man with the hair. I know how to take care but I also want to feel that I am beloved. I dont want a man, who prefers working 24 hours a day and saying he has no time for anything else because he is married to his job, I dont want a man who thinks that showing feelings in public is a great sign! I prefer a more open-minded person who is the king of his life!
To build a strong relationship with the one who will accept me as I am. To jump from the parachute together) To buy a furniture and get a dog together. I got big dreams and doing step by step to achieve it. Right now my main goal is to find love!!
collecting, making pies, reading detectives, spending time swimming in the open springs
Crab Salad, Pizza, Rabbit
Soul, GodSpell, RnB, Country