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Personal details

June 30
40 to 59
  • 5 yr old male
  • 5 yr old female
168cm / 5ft 6in
50kg / 110lb
Willing to relocate to another country
No occupation / Stay at home
Masters degree
There are many ways to describe character, nature and all features. I would be happy to tell you personally everything and to listen to you about your nature, hobbies and all your life. But now, on this first step let’s read these lines and let’s feel, if we want to continue this dialog for us))) Deal? You know I’m a person with some strong kind of values and this way is very important for me. I want to see the same in my partner! I’m a faithful to the family person, I’m loyal to my partner. I’m caring and loving. I’m a good housekeeper and I do love cooking. I do want to master a motorcycle, vivid emotions, but the family comes first, energetic, lively, lively, but gentle, caring and creating comfort! I want to feel warmth of family – my own family: me, my beloved one, our children and the whole world for us!
I want to meet a man who will be a man first of all in all senses! I want my future man to confident, self-sufficient, reliable, serious one. Loving and caring supporting and serious in doings and intentions and…. With perfect sense of humor! No life without humor))
I want to learn english
embroidery, drawing
everything with fish and seafood
pop music, dance music, fun. listen to whatever I like