Lovely Elina

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Личные данные

6 июля
50 до 70
  • 29 лет male
172см / 5фут 8дюймы
70кг / 154фунт
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Художество / Творчество / Представление
Кандидат наук
I know I’m not a young sweet girl, but I’m a mature serious woman with life experience and with high hopes to meet my true soulmate. Because I’m still romantic and believe in feelings. I’m a smiling, benevolent, loyal, loyal, reliable, responsible, empathic, cheerful optimist, cheerful woman. With a great sense of humor, I’m delicate, light and flexible in planning. Also, I’m an incorrigible dreamer, devoted to a dream, going step by step towards the goal, supporting loved ones in various situations, committed to the family and traditional family values, caring, and very emotional. In childhood I was called a cheerful person, my mother said that I was born with a smile)) and also held as a person
My future beloved man is a stable man who can offer me emotional and real male support. He is ordinary, good-looking. His haraeter traits, which are so important to me: kind, generous, intelligent. loyal, reliable, responsible, with a sense of humor, caring (attentive to my needs), energetic (purposeful, confident), in good enough physical shape (any sports hobbies are welcome, except for extremely extreme types) and health (adherent of a healthy lifestyle, but without fanaticism), with an optimistic outlook on life and his religious views (without fanaticism and tolerance to another faith, or an atheist), balanced, respecting a woman, his parents, loving children, loyal to pets, ready to clarify and resolve misunderstandings, conflicts in conversation with each other, in a calm constructive dialogue.
Visit the La Scala opera, Andre Rieux concert, see Niagara Falls
Now it's swimming, I love it !!! I could have lived in the water 24 hours a day)) before - I was roller-skating, I learned to ride a bike, I danced salsa and Greek dances, I went to fitness. I love to travel, especially to Greece, where my son now lives, I love educational programs on YouTube, I am interested in esotericism, I love intellectual foreign detective stories (films and books), long walks
Sweets, nuts, dried fruits, fish, seafood, vegetables, a little meat, chicken and beef, I prefer simple dishes, freshly cooked, one of my favorite dishes is mussels cooked in sauce, I love Greek cuisine, Chinese, Ukrainian (red and green borscht, cheesecakes), pancakes, pizza, salads, pasta, stuffed peppers, dairy products
Blues, chill-out, classical, salsa, bachata, tango, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Lara Fabian, Adriano Celentano, Sade, Queen, Andrea Bocelli, Andre Rieu, Pink and others.