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Личные данные

9 августа
51 до 66
  • 27 лет female
  • 24 лет male
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Европеоидная раса
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Финансы / Банкинг / Недвижимость
Степень магистра
Дружба, Брак
I am very calm and balanced person, always look at things at a positive angle, which makes me an optimist:-) I do not like to talk about my problems, and to transfer them to other people, I can make my own decisions and act right away. I am consistent and sincere, open in communication with new and interesting people. Not a conflict person, love to create coziness in my house and everything that surrounds me.
The man I dream of is caring and loving. He has a purpose in his life, knows what he wants, and how to achieve it. He has a good sense of humor and is always in cheerful mood, that flows form his kind soul. I would love for him to love himself and to admire his woman, this should be mutual support of two loving people. I would like him to make quick, but thoughtful decisions. He takes good care of himself and has desire to learn something new!
One of my biggest hobbies is hiking, and camping. So, as soon as the warm weather comes you can find me hiking down the river, or camping in the closest woods area:-) My daughter goes to badminton, so in order to do it she needs a partner — and here I come playing badminton with her! Another passion of mine is everything hand made, but usually it is knitting or sewing something interesting . As every woman I also love to cook, especially deserts, one of them is chocolate fondant.