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9 октября
35 до 60
  • 9 лет female
165см / 5фут 5дюймы
55кг / 121фунт
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
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I revel in life’s small pleasures. This gives me access to sources of joy that pass most people by. At the same time, I don’t get bogged down by the petty little details that seem to keep plenty of others stuck in the dumps. I know what is worth savoring and what to disregard. I am happy person and have a rational sense of scale to keep me grounded. I can turn any problem into an opportunity for growth. Nobody likes being judged. This is because the majority of judgments we make about each other are false and misinformed. I accept that we all struggle with different weaknesses, and everyone has the potential to figure things out in due time. Yes, I am simply optimistic extrovert loving life and want to share my positive vibes with right person.
My man goes confidently in the direction of his dreams and lives the life he has imagined. And for sure I am one of his dreams. I know that right now you are working on making this our dream come true - we deserve to find love right here and right now. So how are you doing, my self-sufficient, intelligent, kind, reliable man? P.S. Compliments and alike sense of humor are the must in relationships, agree?
Get to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro
Reading, cinema, theater, music, fashion. I love to ride a bike, ski, swim, climb mountains, walk long distances, travel the world.
My favorite dishes: my mother's potato pancakes, Kazakh pilaf, borscht, lasagne, etc. ... Mostly I like Ukrainian, Italian, Georgian cuisine.
Jazz, rock, classical (Tchaikovsky, Mozart0) , Latin American music, Queen, Scorpions, Fitzgerald, Shakira, Pentatonix, etc.