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Личные данные

9 марта
39 до 56
  • 8 лет male
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
164см / 5фут 5дюймы
82кг / 181фунт
Европеоидная раса
В компании
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Продажи / Маркетинг
Профессиональный колледж
Дружба, Брак
I am a very calm and friendly person. I am open to new knowledge and new opportunities. I like to help people and bring joy and happiness to the lives of others! :) I think that the most important thing for me is to see their smiles. :) I love people and communication with them) New opportunities, common interests that open up in the process of knowing each other is what makes me really happy and what I am ready to bring into the life of my future husband!
I see a kind and attentive man next to me. A man who is capable of taking the first step, who is brave and decisive. I appreciate the seriousness of the intentions of my chosen one. The character, manners and values of a man are very important for me. The most important thing for me is good nature and honesty. I dream of meeting my soulmate and creating a strong, happy family. I don't mind if a man has children from a previous marriage. :) The man himself and his inner world are what determines the real relationship. And let him have an ordinary profession, I will be happy to spend every day with him and bring harmony and comfort to his house! :)
Happy life)
I can describe myself as an active and energetic lady. I love fresh air and long walks. I like to spend time with benefit. Probably my favorite activity is swimming. I also really love relaxing on the beach, I like to sunbathe near the sea and just enjoy the sea air. :) I really love music and I am a true music lover!) I am also fond of cinema and really love to watch films.
Ukrainian cuisine, German cuisine.