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Matchmaking in Australia

We offer our Australia members two options for matchmaking services that can fast-track and refine your search and find that special Ukrainian lady more quickly and efficiently.

Free Matchmaking

Our dating specialists will search for 5 ladies that fit your profile criteria, including age, weight and height and a specific city if you prefer. You are under no obligation to contact any of the ladies that we recommend, but this procedure will significantly save you time and effort.

The free matchmaking service is a good opportunity for newly registered members as it helps them to start communicating with the ladies of a specific target group soon after initial registration. Only one free matchmaking enquiry can be submitted.

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Personalised Matchmaking Services

After completing a matchmaking questionnaire, one of our dating specialists will invite you to a free one-on-one Skype consultation to determine your criteria for the perfect match. We will also discuss with you how to complete a professional profile, how to communicate most effectively and assist with any concerns that you may have.

We will personally communicate with each lady and arrange a pre-selection of 5 Ukrainian women from our database to select those ladies that:

  • Meet your criteria
  • Have studied your profile
  • Are sincerely interested in you
  • Are not in serious communication on the site with other members

We will arrange a 30-minute video chat between you and each lady at a time that suits you both so you can quickly determine if she may be the special Ukraine lady for you.

This work is the very heart of what we do in our business. We want you to achieve success in the most efficient time. If none of the ladies that we choose are suitable for you, we will return your credits to your profile. This decision must be made before you agree to video chat with any of the chosen ladies.

The cost of the Personalized Matchmaking Service is 200 credits

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