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25 July
21 to 49
166cm / 5'5"
53kg / 116lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
Masters degree
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Friendship, Marriage
I am committed to enriching my life with joy and positivity. Guided by the timeless wisdom of my grandmother, my goals are centered around the pursuit of happiness, fueled by a deep-seated fear of missing out on life's opportunities. As a literature and Ukrainian language teacher, my childhood passion for books often led to gentle scoldings, yet it remains an integral part of who I am. Beyond the classroom, I find solace in expressing myself through art and maintaining a fervent love for ballet, despite no longer gracing the stage.
In my search for a partner, sincerity, action, and openness are non-negotiable qualities I hold dear. Family values and traditions stand as pillars in my life, complemented by mutual respect and understanding. Rather than an idealized image, I seek compatibility in rhythm, desires, and aspirations, knowing that communication, discussion, and compromise lay the groundwork for a fulfilling relationship.
I want to be happy ! I want to meet someone who shares my emotional attachment to animals and passion for cinema would be a welcomed companion on this journey. While I hold firm opinions, I value respectful discourse and appreciate the importance of embracing individual perspectives. Want to see world !
As for my hobbies, they provide glimpses into my personality and quirks. From indulging in horror, thrillers, and historical films to relishing comedies with adult humor, my cinematic tastes are diverse and ever-evolving. Though not a world-renowned artist, drawing serves as a creative outlet where inspiration knows no bounds.
Adore to try new different food, prefer sweets but if you can cook good salty food- i can try it ). I can cook very taste bread and can feed you with many ukrainian dish .
I adore all kind of music.