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Our Open & Transparent Pricing

We have a policy to keep our pricing as open and transparent as possible and you can view all our prices on this page.

Using a credits-based system for communication means you are in control. With it being free to nudge and read incoming messages, our users can often narrow down who they wish to communicate with very quickly.

  • Credits do not expire. They are always available to use
  • Unused credits are refunded to members on request
  • Credits used on communicating with a lady who is subsequently proven to be less than genuine in her search for a man will be refunded.
  • Credits are only purchased as needed. There are no recurring fees.
  • Credits purchased can be used on any feature on this international dating site (excluding travel)

Feel free to browse our anti-scam and refund policy and terms and conditions at your convenience.

Purchasing credits

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First purchase special

20 credits
5 .00 *
(down from €25.00)

€0.25 per credit

80 % discount

Send 16 short messages or

Send 5 long messages or

40 minutes text chat or

20 minutes video chat

50 credits
57 .50

€1.15 per credit

8 % discount

Send 40 short messages or

Send 12 long messages or

100 minutes text chat or

50 minutes video chat

100 credits
110 .00

€1.10 per credit

12 % discount

Send 80 short messages or

Send 25 long messages or

200 minutes text chat or

100 minutes video chat

200 credits
200 .00

€1.00 per credit

20 % discount

Send 160 short messages or

Send 50 long messages or

400 minutes text chat or

200 minutes video chat

* special only applies to first purchase Prices are subject to change daily with the USD exchange rate


Free services

Service Cost (credits)
Registering a new profile FREE +
Registering and uploading your profile on Simply Dating is complete free. Only registered, verified ladies can see your profile and can introduce themselves if they're interested in starting correspondence with you.
5 minutes free chat with any lady FREE +

A unique feature of Simply Dating, you can chat with any lady on our site, for free, for 5 minutes. To be eligible for this, you must register a new profile, and have your profile approved. Then, as long as you have purchased credits within the last 30 days, you will retain this unique feature, only from Simply Dating!

Once you have used the free 5 minutes, our standard text and video/audio chatting rates will apply.

View ladies profiles FREE +
You can view all ladies profiles and videos when you complete registration.
Nudges/Chat requests FREE +
Sending a nudge or a chat request to a lady is completely free. Nudges are a way of saying "I'm interested in you - would you like to start corresponding?". Both men and ladies can send Nudges. On the other hand, Nudging a lady that you're already corresponding with is a free way to say "I'm thinking of you". You can also send ladies a request to start an online chat - this is also free.
Receiving, opening and reading any message FREE +
Most sites charge you for opening messages from ladies but on Simply Dating this is free no matter how many messages you receive.
Photo attachments on messages FREE +
You can attach up to 12 photos on each message you send. There is no additional cost for attaching these photos or receiving a message from a lady that has photos attached.
Replying to a message using 'quick replies' FREE +
You can freely respond to a lady using our 'Quick reply' system. Quick replies are a list of predefined responses to a message you have received from a lady.
Ladies' videos FREE +
Ladies can upload videos on their profiles that serves to introduce themselves. These videos are free to view at any time.

Earning free credits

Action Reward (credits)
Extended video/audio chats Varies +
Reward for having a chat that consists of at least the following number of video/audio chat minutes. Credits are automatically applied within 10 minutes after the completion of your chat:

30 minutes: 5.00 credits
60 minutes: 10.00 credits
90 minutes: 15.00 credits
120 minutes: 20.00 credits

Using credits

Service Cost (credits)
Text chatting 0.50 +
Cost of a single minute of text chat when no video is being broadcast.
Video/audio chatting 1.00 +
Cost of single minute of chat when one or both user's audio and video are being broadcast.
Short message (150 characters or less) 1.25 +
Cost of sending a short private message. Receiving and reading messages from ladies is free. There are no additional charges for attaching photos.
Long message (more than 150 characters, max 5000) 4.00 +
Cost of sending a long private message. Receiving and reading messages from ladies is free. The maximum number of characters for each message is 5000 (around 1000 words). There are no additional charges for attaching photos.
Gifts Varies +
Purchase price will vary depending on the gift. Prices are listed on the gifts page
Gift delivery 20.00 +
Cost of shipping gifts to a single lady (ie. per order)
Contact details 110.00 +
Cost of purchasing personal contact details of a lady. Men from the USA are required to complete an IMBRA form.
Cost of preparing an individualized, comprehensive tour quote
Meeting a lady 110.00 +
Cost of organising a one-on-one meeting including arranging a venue, translator and the first hour of translation

Contact and Company Information

Contact details

+38 066 7678917

When calling or emailing, if you are registered on our site as a member, please quote your username.

EU Corporation details

Simply Dating Network Limited
124 City Road
London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

New Zealand Headquarters

Simply Dating Network Limited
Level 1, Findex House
57 Willis Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand
Registration Number 2233567

Ukraine Office Details

42 Moskovs'ka Street
Mykolaiv 54017