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What steps do we take to verify a woman’s profile?

Simply Dating values its integrity and takes its users’ safety very seriously. This is why we undertake a manual approval process for every lady on our site’s database before they are allowed to use our dating platform. That’s right, every lady who registers on the site goes through an approval process before her profile is activated and visible on the Search page.

There are 8 steps of verification that we carry out before a woman’s profile is approved for the Simply Dating site. Our verification process for every lady is stringent. Here’s a breakdown of the process –

1. Preliminary check

We begin with a preliminary check of the details submitted by the applicant and begin the manual verification process.

2. Document verification

Ladies are requested to submit documents proving their citizenship and marital status. These could include their passport and marital status statements, amongst other information.

3. Relationship confirmation

Ladies must mandatorily confirm they are not officially married and provide crucial information about their relationship status. Our vision and mission is to find true love for all our members, and thus we allow registration only after making sure that our users are not currently committed.

4. Background verification

Beyond reviewing their documents, we also check their media presence on social networks. This is how we go the extra mile to make sure there is no suspicious activity associated with their background. If there are any doubts that arise at this stage, the profile creation request is denied or a fresh clarification request is shared with them.

5. Photo verification

We insist that the photos used for profiles are natural and recent, and have not been used on questionable platforms as these are against our founding principles. We understand that the ladies try to look their best in photos which is why they have professional photoshoots that they arrange themselves. With this in mind, we also verify that any photo editing software is done appropriately, ensuring that the photo accurately represents the lady’s real appearance.

6. Introductory video

In our commitment to authenticity, all the ladies record introductory videos in which they share some insights about their goals, personalities, and hobbies. This video plays a crucial role in our personal verification process, as it confirms that the lady is fully aware of and actively engaged in the registration process.

7. Verification call

If the lady meets all the above-mentioned requirements, the administration undertakes a personal interview to crosscheck the registration details, confirm the information written in her profile, and respond to our questions. Any uncertainty or inconsistencies discovered during this verification call may result in the rejection of the profile.

8. Profile approval

Once all the criteria are met, and the profile is free from errors, the lady expresses genuine interest in our services and is eager to connect with someone special; her profile is approved! Her profile will then appear on the Search page of our website.

If you still have questions or would like to discuss the verification process of the ladies or men on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We would be happy to help.